Building data driven models requires accessible data. As one starts to use more and more data, produced at various points in time and by different labs, data curation becomes increasingly more important. While data standards are not a new idea, meta data standards are only emerging for many datatypes in neuroscience. The "curated data" link will direct you to a page, maintained by the HBP Neuroinformatics team which show how simple and complex datasets (morpho-electric-molecular cell data) can be navigated after it has been curated using the HBP Core data model.

Over the past 20 years, the Markram Lab has captured thousands of traces characterising the electrical behavior of single cells, synaptic connections and groups of cells and brain regions. While documentation of this data is extensive, the layout of data and electronic meta data requires more work before it lives up to the curated data standards we are promoting. While data curation is often done prior to data release, we decided to make the uncurated data accessible to the community now. We hope that this inspires other in the community to open their data archives as well and join us in our journey to a more open, ultimately more accessible, neuroscience.

If you have any questions, on the curated or uncurated data, please contact us.