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Welcome to the BBP Neuro-Glia-Vasculature (“NGV”) portal (the “Portal”).

Here BBP provides you NGV data (collectively and as further described, the "Data"), which includes quantitative information or qualitative statements collected, owned by or licensed to BBP in the course of its scientific work by experimentation, observation, modelling, interview or other methods, or information derived from existing evidence*. Data may be raw or primary (e.g. direct from measurement or collection) or derived from primary data for subsequent analysis or interpretation (e.g. cleaned up or as an extract from a larger data set), or derived from existing sources where the rights may be held by others. Data files are in the process of continuous change and/or development. Files containing this Data are accessed, amended and/or updated as new data is gathered and/or processed. Some datasets may never be ‘finished’.

By accessing, downloading and using the Portal and the Data, you agree to the following terms of use (these "Terms"). If you do not agree with any of these Terms, please do not use the Portal. We may change the Terms at any time without prior notice, and your continued use of any of the Sites following any changes is an agreement by you to the change in Terms. We may change, suspend, discontinue, or remove any part of the Portal at any time, without prior notice, including the availability of any feature, services or content.

Unless otherwise stated, BBP owns or has a license to all the Data on this Portal. Except for the limited permissions expressly stated in these Terms or in the license terms adhering to the Data, all rights not specifically granted are reserved.


You may use, copy, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display or create derivative works of Data for research or other noncommercial purposes, provided that Data are appropriately referenced (pursuant to the Citation section below).

Use of Data for research and academic publication, in scholarly journals, textbook or other professional, academic or journalist publications (with appropriate Citation) is not considered commercial use.

Data may not be used directly or indirectly by you for illegal or military purposes.

To request permission for commercial purposes, please email: bbp.legal@epfl.ch

You can develop new methods, applications, interfaces or other inventions or works that improve the use of, and build upon, the Data. If you develop an improvement based on or utilizing the Data, and you obtain any proprietary rights in or to that improvement, you and your successors or assignees agree that you will not assert any claim for infringement against BBP for our use of any improvement that was independently developed by or on behalf of BBP. Additionally, BBP retains our rights, title and interest in any Data that is part of or is used by you to create an improvement.

You may not post Data on social media or other third-party websites that require you to acknowledge that you own the Data you post. You may not create hyperlinks to the Portal that portray BBP in a false or misleading light (for example, linked with politicians or political parties, pharmaceutical companies, alternative therapies, military activities and references thereof).

For some Data you find in the Portal, BBP may be bound by its contractual and license agreements respecting certain third-party resources. For the Data for which BBP has a license, you must adhere to any license terms and conditions provided with these resources.

The HOC code, Python code, MOD code and cell morphology are licensed under Creative Common: CC BY-NC-SA-4.0, in full name Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International


While BBP is committed to ensure that its Data are used in ways that maximize public benefit, BBP requests the acknowledgement of the scientists who have provided the Data with an appropriate citation as detailed below in all cases where Data are used publicly. The content citation should include as much of the following information as appropriate:

  • contributing investigators/authors
  • year of release
  • title
  • publisher and publisher location
  • date accessed
  • temporal and spatial subset (as appropriate)
  • digital object identifier

Primary publication

In cases where there is a primary publication about the specific resource, cite the publication and the Portal.


Cite the source in a manner that is clear, accurate and easily discoverable and linked to the source Portal.


Image title and BBP copyright as per copyright notice on the image and reference to the Portal.

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